75 is what percent of 90

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75 is what percent of 90

The question is asking to find the percentage of 75 out of a total of 90. To solve this problem, we need to divide 75 by 90 and then multiply the answer by 100. Dividing 75 by 90 gives 0.833, which when multiplied by 100 gives 83.3%. Therefore, 75 is 83.3% of 90.

We can also solve this problem using proportions. We know that the percent of something can be expressed as a fraction out of 100, so we can set up a proportion using 75/90 = x/100, where x represents the unknown percent. We can then cross multiply and solve for x to get x = 83.3%. This confirms our earlier answer that 75 is 83.3% of 90.

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