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Volume Calculator

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What is Volume?

Volume is the measure of the three-dimensional space an object occupies. It is measured by comparing to a standard volume cube. In SI units this cube is called the cubic meter. This calculator finds volume for several common shapes.

Rectangular Box

A rectangular box is a generalized form of a cube, in which the sides can have varied lengths. It has six faces that all are perpendicular to their respective adjacent faces. To calculate the volume of a rectangular box we multiple the length by the width by the height.


A cube is a special case of a rectangular box. In a cube all sides have equal length. This makes the calculation of volume rather simple. To find volume we cube the length of cube.


The cylinder is defined as surface in which the points are at a fixed distance from a given straight line axis. To find the volume of a cylinder we must recognize that the top and bottom of the cylinder form circles. To find the volume we multiple the area of one of these circles by the height. The equation for this is v = π * r * r * h. Where r is the radius of one of the circles, and h is the height.


A cone is a shape on which a 3d shape in which a circular base tapers to a common point called the apex(also known as vertex). To find the volume of the cone we use the equation v = π * r * r * h / 3.


A sphere is simple a three dimension circle. That means that every point on the sphere is equal distant to the center of the sphere. This distance is called the radius. To find the volume of a sphere we use the equation v = π * r * r * r * 4 / 3

Triangular Prism

A triangular prism is in geometry a three sided prism. It has a triangular base with three rectangular sides. The volume of the triangular prism is found using the equation v = base * length * height / 2.