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Online Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator calculates tip at various percentages for the cost of a service. It also tells you the total amount you need to pay. This tip calculator also is able to find the amount to pay per person.

What is a tip?

A tip(also called gratuity) is extra money paid to service workers for a given service. For example in the United States it is common to add a restaurant tip of 15%. This means you will pay an extra 15% on top of what you are already going to pay. This restaurant tip usually signifies you appreciate the quality of the service they provided.

What amount to tip?

The amount to tip various around the world. In some countries it is inappropriate to tip, and it could be seen as insulting. In other countries such as the United States tipping is customary for certain services. It is important to research the customs of the country you are visiting to know the amount to tip or if you should not tip. For an easy way to calculate tip try downloading our mobile app from the google play store.