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Standard Deviation Calculator

Standard Deviation Calculator

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Online Standard Deviation Calculator

This standard deviation calculator finds the standard deviation of the numbers you enter. Simple enter the numbers divided by space or comas and it will find the average for you.

What is Standard Deviation?

Standard deviation is a term in statistics and probability that is used to describe the amount of dispersion in data sets. Simple put this value tells us how far on average the numbers are from the mean. The Greek letter sigma σ is commonly used to reference this value. A low standard deviation means the values are close to the mean, and a large standard deviation means they are far from the mean.

How to Calculate Standard Deviations

We calculate the standard deviation over the course of several steps. First we find the mean of the data set. Next we subtract each number from the mean and square the results. Then we find the average of those squared differences. This value is the standard deviation.

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